She’s in the operating room. Surgery is about four hours. Stay tuned….

Here We Go Again

On Monday Michelle will again have spinal surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital. They deflated the cyst in her spine in March but fluid has again filled the cyst. Now she is having surgery to put a stent in her cyst so this will not happen again. It is too dangerous to remove the cyst. Please keep her in your prayers.


I gave a talk last night on the family and caregiving issues. One of the attendees spoke of a company that allows employees to donate their sick or personal days to another employee who might need them. What a wonderful idea. It doesn’t cost the company anything and it builds solidarity. How do we turn this into a national movement?

I’m Home


Thanks for your prayers and support. I arrived home today at around noon.


I went outside yesterday with my recreational therapists, Sara and Jason. I’m going home on Friday. Woo-hoo!


Here’s the view from my room – the 59th Street Bridge and the East River. Life is good.

Just met my recreational therapist and tomorrow he is taking me outside for a walk. And he’s cute. Maybe I can extend my stay. Right now I’m scheduled to go home on Friday.

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