After two surgeries and a year of recovery I’m finally back to horseback riding. What a sense of freedom!

Happy 39th birthday to my darling daughter.IMG_1764

She’s Home

Michelle came home today. She spent a week in hospital therapy and is doing well. The therapists told me she walked 50 feet yesterday with a high walker. This is something she hasn’t done in a long time. The surgery was extremely intricate and difficult and we are all very grateful to the staff at NY Presbyterian Hospital. And then there’s Michelle. She is one tough cookie. Not one pain pill the entire time she was there and of course everyone fell in love with her.

Still in Rehab

I’ll be in rehab until Thursday. Here’s the sun lighting up the Empire State Building as seen from my hospital room.image




Sitting up

Here I am working with my PT in my hospital bed. It feels good to sit up.

Surgery is Over

Just talked to the neurosurgeon and surgery went well. A shunt was inserted in her cyst and spinal fluid is again flowing. Will soon see her in recovery. Keep praying.

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