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After watching the Republican National Convention last evening, I realized that one of the strong philosophical differences between the Republicans and the Democrats is that the Republicans believe if you try hard and keep government out of your way you can accomplish anything you want. The thinking is – we made it why can’t you? Successful people should be lauded for their hard work and their success. This used to be my thinking as well. After all, I too started from humble roots, was one of the first in my family to go to college, worked hard and succeeded.

So why has my thinking become more nuanced? First of all I grew older and became more aware of my own vulnerabilities but most importantly it was my daughter’s accident. I saw how quickly even a high achieving person can suddenly lose everything. Many people work just as hard as those who are successful and can’t make it and there are others who never had the tools needed for success. There are the many children who get sub-standard education, those living in conditions of poverty, the battered wife, the abused child,the sick, the dying, the disabled. What if Condoleeza Rice had not had the parents she had?

Yes, liberty is one of the principles on which this country is based but so is equality. We should all pull our weight but the presidential candidate who offers me a program that not only praises success but protects the vulnerable is the one who will get my vote.

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