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Fighting the System

Just have to vent. Larry has been unable to do as well as he should in rehab because of a pain in his right leg. This past Monday I asked for pain relief and said he could not be discharged next Monday. Finally tomorrow they are doing an MRI on his lower back and depending on the results giving him an injection for the pain. They still told me they will discharge him on Monday to sub-acute. I refuse. If they can’t correct the pain in an acute care hospital setting he doesn’t stand a chance in sub-acute. I’m fighting, fighting, fighting.Evidently there were only per diem social workers this week and no one followed through with the insurance issues. If I could give a valuable piece of advice to anyone who has a loved one in the health care system it would be that you must be their advocate. Otherwise, they are simply processed by the system. If I wasn’t yelling he would have automatically been shipped off to sub-acute with no pain relief and sitting in a chair in the corner.

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Rehabilitation System

Here we go again. Now it’s my husband who is being told he has to leave acute care rehab and move into sub-acute. At least this time they’re honest and calling it an insurance issue. Is anyone reflecting on how this whole system developed? Insurance companies cut rehab stays in acute care facilities and this whole new area called sub-acute rehab began to blossom. But notice most of these so-called sub-acute facilities are part of nursing homes (although now they’re called skilled nursing facilities). Why do you think that is? It’s a win-win situation for nursing homes. They are being reimbursed more for sub-acute care than they are for only nursing services. In addition, when insurance runs out for sub-acute rehab they can move the patients right into their nursing homes, which are usually another floor of the same building. Many patients are unaware that they are being processed through a feeder system. And once you’re part of a system it’s hard to get out.

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Michelle’s Dad

Last Friday, Michelle’s father fell and injured his spinal cord. He has central cord syndrome. He weathered the hurricane in ICU. Now he is in rehab working very hard. Let’s hope for a good recovery. This is a family that knows a great deal about rehabilitation.

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